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Location. Location. Location.


When your location is in the Wilmington, NC region, you will find exactly what you need: experienced crew, production equipment and services, competitive incentives, a great climate, and the largest soundstage east of Los Angeles!

The Wilmington region has been an active production hub since the early 1980s and has the production infrastructure and experience to support big-budget feature films, TV series, independent films, commercials, and more. The Wilmington region accommodates on-location filming, with a variety of locations available. Let us show you our bridges, barns, small-town scenes, riverfront, shopping centers, beaches, playhouses, ocean, modern and traditional schools, marshlands, downtown buildings, turn-of-the-century architecture, college campuses, Victorian houses, fields, harbors, modern architecture, farms/farmlands, and more. For almost any type of production, you will find that Wilmington will meet your location needs.

local crew base in the Wilmington region has decades of experience with major film and TV productions. Crewmembers include Grips, Electricians, Accountants, Casting Directors, Camera Technicians, Special Effects Technicians, Location Managers, Set Decorators, and more. The local crew database contains over 700 professionals ready to work on your next project.

The Wilmington region also features an extensive assortment of
companies that provide goods and services tailored to the film and TV industry. These companies understand the demands of the production industry and are ready to ensure the success of your production. Our Caterers, Equipment Rentals, Construction Companies, Transportation Services, Audio and Video Companies, and Hotels & Accomodation Providers have successfully serviced hundreds of productions in the area and throughout the Southeast.

Take a look around our website. Take a look at our cities. Take a look at our talent. You will find what you are looking for in the Wilmington region.

Remember: Location. Location. Location.


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