EUE Screen Gems Studios

A Full Service production Facility

EUE/Screen Gems Studios.  The facility offers 10 column free and purpose built stages totaling 150,000 sq. ft of shooting space.  With over 700 world-class local crew we can accommodate up to five productions at one time. Over 350 television series and films have shot at our 40-acre lot.


Stages Dimensions Height Sq. Ft. Power – 3 phase A/C Units Tank
1 60 x 120 ft. 35 ft. 7,200 1,200 amp 2 – 17.5 ton
2 60 x 120 ft. 35 ft. 7,200 1,200 amp 2 – 17.5 ton
3 60 x 120 ft. 35 ft. 7,200 1,600 amp 2 – 17.5 ton
4 100 x 200 ft. 45 ft. 20,000 6,00 amp 4 – 17.5 ton 24 x 39 x 4 ft. deep
5 80 x 140 ft. 45 ft. 11,200 1,600 amp 3 – 17.5 ton
6 80 x 140 ft. 45 ft. 11,200 1,600 amp 3 – 17.5 ton
7 100 x 200 ft. 45 ft. 20,000 3,200 amp 4 – 17.5 ton
8 100 x 155 ft. 45 ft. 15,500 3,200 amp 3 – 17.5 ton
9 100 x 150 ft. 45 ft. 15,000 6,000 amp 3 – 17.5 ton
10 150 x 250 ft. 45 ft. 37,500 9,600 amp 4 – 18 ton 50 x 50 x 5 ft. deep

Production Offices

EUE/Screen Gems Studios has over 40,000 square feet of production office space. The five large suites include office furnishings, power, heat, air conditioning, cleaning service, and maintenance. We offer 24 hour access and ample free parking.


Each office suite is custom outfitted to meet the unique communication needs of a production. Services include private high-speed wireless and hard wire internet. The Avaya DID phone system is costumed programed for optimal efficiency of each production. Other communication services include digital dailies facilities with dedicated connectivity, cable access, and fax lines.


We provide gated lot security 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Lighting and Grip

EUE/Screen Gems is recognized as one of the largest and best lighting and grip companies on the East Coast.  The gear is well maintained and the inventory extensive. We continually add and retire inventory. Our business continues to grow as producers, DPs, UPMs, gaffers, and key grips discover and recommend us for new television, film, and commercial projects.

The EUE/Screen Gems equipment is utilized on the studio lot and on-location throughout the Southeast. Our team has decades of lighting and grip experience. We’re committed 24/7 to putting your budget on the screen.

HMI / TUNGSTEN / SPECIALTY: Altman, Arri, Barger-Baglite, Cinemills, Desisti, ETC, K-5600, Kino-Flo, Mole Richardson

DIMMING: Ratpac, Maccam, Magic Gadget, Strand, ETC


GRIP: American, Matthews, Advantage, Backstage

GENERATORS: Lite Power, PECO (60 KW to 200 KW)

For more details on the amazing facilities EUE/Screen Gems Studios has to offer please view their website.

Television and Film Clients

EUE/Screen Gems Studios has accommodated over 400 productions over the last 30 years. Production Companies include Marvel Studios, CBS Studios, Turner Productions, Warner Bros. Television, 20th Century Fox Television, ABC Studios, HBO, and New Line Productions.

Projects include Iron Man 3, Under the Dome, Good Behavior, One Tree Hill, Sleepy Hollow, Secrets and Lies, East Bound and Down, We’re the Millers, The Conjuring, Journey 2: Mysterious Island, Tammy, The Secret Life of Bees, Muppets in Space, Dawson’s Creek, and Blue Velvet.

Additional Services & On-Site Support

On-site services include shops, wardrobe with laundry, dressing rooms, warehouses, transportation, editing, catering, effects, rigging, screening room, graphic arts, and sound. The Wilmington Regional Film Commission, Inc. is also on the lot.

For more information, contact EUE/Screen Gems Studios.

Bill Vassar

Executive Vice President

EUE/Screen Gems Studios

(910) 343-3500

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1223 N. 23rd Street

Wilmington, NC 28405


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