Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Wilmington Regional Film Commission (WRFC)?

The Wilmington Regional Film Commission, Inc. is a small 501(c)(6) non-profit corporation that operates through funding from a variety of private and public revenue streams. These include: New Hanover County, the City of Wilmington, and annual memberships from individuals and businesses who support the mission of the Wilmington Regional Film Commission. The WRFC is governed by a five-member Board of Directors. Two of these Board Members are appointed by the New Hanover County Board of Commissioners, two Board Members are appointed by the City of Wilmington’s City Council, and one Board Member is appointed by the four other Board Members (Member-At-Large). These five Board Members then elect among themselves a Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors. The Director of the WRFC is hired by and reports to the Board of Directors. The Director of the WRFC is responsible for the daily operations of the WRFC.

What is the function of the Wilmington Regional Film Commission?

The Wilmington Regional Film Commission, Inc. markets an 11-county region in Southeastern North Carolina to TV and film productions in order to drive economic development in the entertainment business sector within the Wilmington area.

Secondarily, the WRFC assists productions while on-location in the Wilmington region by consulting on permitting, permissions, locations, local information, and more.

Finally, the WRFC supports the production infrastructure in the Wilmington region, including crewmembers and companies that provide goods and services to the production industry. This base of experienced crew and companies is an essential part of Wilmington’s success as a filming destination, and the WRFC markets these valuable assets a variety of ways.

Contrary to what many people believe, the WRFC is not involved in any actual film or TV production. It does not secure financing for projects or handle employment or internship opportunities for production companies. The WRFC strives to support the film industry and film community in the Wilmington area while pursuing its ultimate goal of driving economic development in the area.

What productions are currently filming in the Wilmington area?

When a production company decides to film in the Wilmington region, it will set up a production office in the area. Confirmed projects in the region are posted on our website, If a production is not listed or contact information is not provided, it is because the production has not opened an office or has not yet allowed the WRFC to release that information. You may also check the NC Film Office website,, for information on projects being filmed in other regions of NC.

Why doesn't the WRFC always announce or list contact information for local productions?

The WRFC works very closely with film and TV production companies as they work toward their decision to film in the Wilmington region. During this process, confidentiality about future projects is very important to production companies due to legal and economic reasons. They also like to have a publicity team in place to handle press requests before officially announcing a project. Unfortunately, sometimes the information is leaked to the public through another source first. The WRFC, however, is committed to keeping any information about potential projects confidential until the production company allows us to release it. At that time, we will post the project and public contact information on our website.

How can I get a job on a local production with no experience?

It is challenging to get a “foot in the door” in the film and TV production industry. If you wish to pursue production work in the Wilmington region, you will need to contact the production offices directly. The Wilmington Regional Film Commission does not handle any employment matters for production companies. Contact information for productions is on the WRFC website, Most productions prefer to be contacted via email. Please remember that these are busy production offices and you may or may not receive any reply.

How can I get an internship on a local production?

Interning or volunteering on a Wilmington production is one way to obtain production experience. You will need to contact the productions directly for information concerning internships, as the WRFC does not handle any employment or internship programs for production companies. You will find contact information for productions on the WRFC website, You may also want to contact area film-related vendors for internship opportunities.

How can I get a job as an actor?

If you are interested in becoming an Actor, the first step is to acquire an Agent through a reputable Talent Agency. Film and TV productions do not hire actors directly. If you would like a list of Talent Agencies in North Carolina, please email the WRFC at Please note that we do not endorse any of these agencies, nor is this list exhaustive of all the Agencies in North Carolina. These Agencies may have different specialties that you will need to research. Because Agents work for you, it is best if you interview them and ask them specific questions about placement rates, specialties, and any other criteria you might have.

The WRFC does not hire or recommend actors or extras in any way. Please do not send your photos to us. Any photos received by the WRFC will not be reviewed or returned.

How can I become an "extra"?

If you are interested in being an Extra in local productions, please contact any of the companies listed:

Marty Cherrix, CSA

Marty Siu
Website: [show]
Facebook: [show]

Taylor Woodell
Website: [show]
Facebook: [show]

Kimmie Stewart
Facebook: [show]

Tracy Kilpatrick (CSA Casting Director) & Dani Lyn (Extras Coordinator)



Are tours available of the EUE Screen Gems studio?

At this time, EUE/Screen Gems Studios is not able to offer tours.  If this changes in the future, we will post updated information here.

Where can I see productions being filmed?

Unfortunately, most filming takes place on private property or in a studio environment, and is not open to the public. For security reasons, the production companies do not release filming schedules or locations. However, productions are often filming in and around Wilmington, and you may be lucky enough to happen upon a film set! There are companies in Wilmington who offer tours of famous movie and TV landmarks. You can find information on Wilmington tours through the Wilmington and Beaches Convention & Visitors Bureau at

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