Wilmington’s history with the film and television industry began in 1983 when producer Dino de Laurentiis came to the region to produce the film, “Fire Starter”.  At that time, Wilmington was a sleepy Southern coastal town.  From those humble beginnings, Wilmington has almost tripled in size and hosted 138 feature films and 162 television productions.

Dino de Laurentiis also built a studio which has become one of the largest full service studio facilities in the country:  Cinespace Studios with a fifty acre studio lot and ten purpose-built sound stages.

Additionally, Dark Horse Studios has now been added to the local infrastructure with two converted warehouse stages and two new stages currently under construction.

So you see, Wilmington has a long history with film and television production.  It has become part of the fabric of the community.  Wilmington did not just pop onto the film scene ten years ago; we have been in the production business since productions went “on location” to work.

So come and experience our world-class crews.  Experience our studio. Experience our locations. Experience our film friendly atmosphere.  Experience our quality of life. Experience Wilmington.

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