You Bring the Project

We’ll Bring the Rest

Experienced Crew

Ready to get your production off the ground.

Take Your Script Off the Page

Ours is a Location with Character

Our Focus is Creating Your Vision

Ready to Get Your Production Off the Ground


Our crew knows the industry inside and out, and wants to make sure that your project meets every last one of your standards. Call on us to help project your ideas onto the big screen.


Wilmington holds great potential for a variety of settings with its coastal plains, cityscapes, and shorelines. We’ll scope out the scene and find the best possible location for your project.


Our stages are state-of-the-art facilities loaded with the gear we’ll need to bring your script to life. Tell us your story, and we’ll give you the tools to show it to everyone else.


This isn’t our first rodeo. We’ve been in the industry a long time now, and we have the infrastructure, knowledge and experience to get your production started and keep it running smoothly.


Since the 1980s, the Wilmington area has persisted as an active film production hub, supporting feature films, TV series, independent productions, and more. The Wilmington Regional Film Commission, Inc., takes up the mantle of marketing southeastern North Carolina’s many assets and location advantages to the industry; our staff knows the region inside and out, and can use working local knowledge to navigate everything from site location to scouting and production logistics. Contact us to start your film venture today.

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